Hello Oriental | Foodhall & Market

What’s ON

Yee Kwan Ice Cream at Hello Oriental

Durian Ice Cream

Durian fruit ice-cream is available every Saturday and Sunday – always selling out.

Unlimited Wings Tuesdays at Hello Oriental

Unlimited Korean Wings

Unlimited Korean wings for 1.5 hours at just £15! Plus, special discounts on jugs of beer. Don’t miss out on this incredible offer.

Taiyaki Fishes at Hello Oriental

Taiyaki Fishes

Crispy wafer shaped like a fish, filled with sweet and delicious fillings. Taiyaki fishes are the perfect sweet treat, a fish-shaped waffle delight!

Hello Oriental: Spicy Korean Carbonara Ramen With Chicken Katsu / Prawn Katsu

Spicy Korean Carbonara Ramen

Heat Up Your Taste Adventure! 🔥 Try our sizzling Spicy Korean Carbonara Ramen – a fresh, fiery addition to rock your flavor world!

Yee Kwan Ice Cream at Hello Oriental

Yee Kwan Ice Cream

Discover the authentic taste and premium quality that Yee Kwan Ice Cream brings to the table. Treat yourself to a unique and refreshing experience at Hello Oriental...
Hello Oriental' Hello Hour

Hello Hour

Hello Oriental arrives with news that is bound to bring a grin a mile wide to all those who cherish delightful beverages and fantastic bargains: Happy Hour (from 3-6PM...
Hello Oriental: The Crafty Tipples 23.09

The Crafty Tipples III

Hello Oriental are thrilled to invite The Crafty Tipple to host a Sip & Paint night on Sunday 17th of March.

Hello Oriental : Gift Vouchers

Hello Oriental: Gift Vouchers

Hello Oriental gift vouchers are the ultimate present for lovers of East Asian and South East Asian food!


Hello Oriental Oxford Road is Manchester’s newest and most exciting streetfood dining concept!

Our flagship foodhall is spread over three amazing floors, boasting an Asian inspired bakery and cafe, our incredible new Vietnamese restaurant located on our purpose built mezzanine, our very first Hello Oriental Supermarket and lastly Downtown Oriental… Our one of a kind foodhall… Offering the best street food the Orient has to offer!

Our building is equipped with wheelchair ramps, elevators, and accessible restrooms to accommodate various accessibility needs.

Made in Manchester

Offering everything from Chinese roasts, delicious Dim Sums, hot phos, baos and buns or healthy summer rolls – we have it covered.

Set in a truly unique ‘one of a kind’ venue at Symphony Park, Circle Square.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday
8.30am – 10pm
10am – 12am
10am – 10pm
(kitchen closes: Sun-Thu 9.30pm / Fri-Sat 10pm)

Exhilarating Asian Street Food Journey

Hello Oriental: Downtown Oriental


Street Food

Downtown Oriental is a dining concept and space like no other, boasting an open kitchen serving everything

From Chinese Roasts, Dim Sum, baos, noodles, fried rice, seafood, Taiyaki & ice cream as well as our Downtown Oriental bar serving the very best Asian beers and cocktails…

All of which can be enjoyed whilst listening to some of Manchester’s best DJ’s spinning the 1’s and 2’s
Hello Oriental: Rice Paper Pho



Fast…Fresh and Healthy!
Guilt free food never tasted better than this.
Whether it’s our comforting Pho’s…our incredible selection of summer rolls, flavour packed Vietnamese salads…
… or the huge selection of both Vegan and Gluten Free options…Rice Paper Pho has it covered.
Hello Oriental - Bun & Boba


Chinese Bakery

Combining traditional Asian Bakery classics with new and innovative ideas.

We offer the best of traditional Asian bakery coupled with our own Asian inspired modern fusion bakes…

.. All of which can be enjoyed with our selection of coffees and wide selection of high grade carefully selected teas.

Unleash Your Culinary Curiosity at Our Urban Asian Market

Hello Oriental: Supermarket


‘One Stop’

Hello Oriental Supermarket is our very own ‘one stop’ for the best the orient has to offer.
Located downstairs in our funky new Foodhall we are selling handpicked items including:
A mind-blowing variety of crisps both sweet and savoury, a wide range of noodles, some specially selected Asian fruits and vegetables, frozen dim sum, Chinese roast meats, alcoholic (Soju, Sake, Japanese Whisky) and soft drinks.