Eat Well Fundraising at Hello Oriental


We are delighted to announce a collaboration with Yee Kwan Ice Cream in our ever-expanding café at Hello Oriental! Yee Kwan Ice Cream creates East Asian-inspired flavours such as Black Sesame, Hong Kong Milk Tea, Egg Tart, Malted Milk, Vietnamese Coffee, Toasted Coconut, Brown Sugar Boba, Chocolate Miso, and a variety of vegan options, including Caramel Miso, Matcha and Mango, and sorbet flavoured with Yuzu and Dragon fruit.

The ice creams are available in cones and tubs and will be served alongside the beloved soft serve Taiyaki fish cones that have proven to be immensely popular with customers.

Yee Kwan Ice Cream draws inspiration from the rich culinary traditions of East Asia, blending premium ingredients with innovative recipes to create a harmonious fusion of flavours. Each scoop of Yee Kwan Ice Cream delivers an unforgettable taste experience, taking customers on a journey to the heart of East Asian cuisine. Whether it’s the delicate and earthy notes of Matcha Green Tea, the zesty and refreshing tang of Yuzu, the exotic sweetness of Lychee, or the bold combination of Chocolate and Miso, Yee Kwan Ice Cream promises to surprise and delight!